Raising Boys with Positive Masculinity

The Stereotype of the American Male as a Model for Boys

  • Suppressing emotions or masking distress. Men shouldn’t display “feminine” traits such as emotional vulnerability, which show weakness.
  • Anger, aggression and being violent are the best ways of solving conflicts.
  • Parenting is not a man’s main responsibility.
  • Men should never admit they were victims of abuse; they should feel shame if they were.
  • Men should always be the dominant one in the relationship with a female.
  • Internalizing harmful masculinity puts boys and young men in the “Man Box,” and it has seriousconsequences for all of us.
  • Boys and young men in the Man Box are up to six times more likely to have been sexually harassed; up to seven times more likely to have used physical violence; and twice as likely to have had suicidalthoughts in the previous two weeks.
  • If we got rid of the Man Box, we could reduce sexual violence by at least 69%; eliminate at least 41% oftraffic accidents; 40% of bullying and violence; 39% of suicides; and 24% of depressive symptoms among men (18–30) in the US, every year.
  • The minimum cost that could be saved annually by the US economy if there was no Man Box is $15.7 billion.

Childhood and Masculinity

What Parents Can Do to Raise Positive Masculine Boys

Final Comments:



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Ray Williams

Ray Williams

Author/Retired Executive Coach-Helping People Live Better Lives and Serve Others